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Nhi and Ice’s Airport Wedding | LAX

  Have you been to an airport wedding before? And I don’t mean a wedding photoshoot at an empty hangar but an actual wedding in a real airport with real travelers going through. Like an actual bustling international one like LAX? In all my years as a photographer, I’ve never had the opportunity to document an airport wedding until a few weeks ago. Nhi and Ice’s love story will sound familiar. They were set to have an island wedding in the Philippines but then the pandemic hit pushing their wedding day further and further. Then it took forever for Ice to get her visa to come and stay in the US. But finally, in May, she made it! These lovebirds didn’t waste time and married HOURS after Ice arrived, right in an empty baggage claim area. A white carpet strewn with blue petals was laid for Ice to walk on. And the couple exchange vows under a small floral arch set against a huge picture of the Santa Monica mountains. The venue felt quirky and magical in many ways, and it was bursting with lo

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