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Chanel & Carey's Silver Lake Wedding Celebration

T here's nothing like a group of friends that knows how to really let loose and have a good time. As a wedding photographer, I love capturing those moments when everyone is having a total blast, especially the bride and groom. Chanel and Carey's wedding at the fabulous El Cid, in Silver Lake, was definitely one of those weddings that feel like one BIG party.   I loved the fact that the couple had already been married during COVID a year prior and did this symbolic ceremony and reception in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, just to share their joy with their friends. Lots of love, lots of dancing, and lots of fun times - Chanel and Carey’s wedding celebration was all about friends making unforgettable memories together. Meet Chanel And Carey When I asked them about how they met, Chanel gushed, "We met because I was traveling for fun with a girlfriend, and a girl who Carey knew posted a photo of me on Instagram. He then started following me but then unfollowed me because he tho

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