Nhi and Ice’s Airport Wedding | LAX

 Have you been to an airport wedding before? And I don’t mean a wedding photoshoot at an empty hangar but an actual wedding in a real airport with real travelers going through. Like an actual bustling international one like LAX? In all my years as a photographer, I’ve never had the opportunity to document an airport wedding until a few weeks ago.

Nhi and Ice’s love story will sound familiar. They were set to have an island wedding in the Philippines but then the pandemic hit pushing their wedding day further and further. Then it took forever for Ice to get her visa to come and stay in the US. But finally, in May, she made it!

These lovebirds didn’t waste time and married HOURS after Ice arrived, right in an empty baggage claim area. A white carpet strewn with blue petals was laid for Ice to walk on. And the couple exchange vows under a small floral arch set against a huge picture of the Santa Monica mountains. The venue felt quirky and magical in many ways, and it was bursting with love. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day:

Getting ready

One of the wildest parts of this airport wedding is getting ready. As everyone busied themselves setting up the venue for the wedding ceremony, Ice and her entourage got ready in the restroom. They had brought Ice’s wedding dress and all of her bridesmaids pitched into making her picture-perfect.

Do you need a permit to get married in an airport?

If you’re asking, Do you need a permit to get married in an airport? The answer is, surprisingly, no! In this case at least. Before the big day, Nhi scoped the venue and asked a police officer if a permit is needed to get married in that specific area. The police told them they didn’t and that was that.

On the day itself, when everyone was setting up, a different police officer came over to ask if they had a permit. Nhi explained that she had spoken with someone days before who told them it was okay to have a wedding there and… the office just shrugged and left. However, I’m sure this is not standard in all US airports so if you’re thinking of getting married in one, it’s best to check!

Apparently, getting married in airports is not uncommon as I thought. It’s quite a thing and it’s a somewhat popular option for people who met while traveling or share a love of travel. Some airports abroad even offer wedding services and wedding packages that will allow you to get married in the control tower (this is in the Stockholm Arlanda Airport). Some airports also have a chapel that you can get married in and others have hotels that offer overnight accommodations for those who will be attending the wedding ceremony. 

As a destination wedding photographer, I love the surprising locations where my clients will take me next. If you’re looking for more inspirations for your engagement or wedding photoshoots, head over to @bravoimage_weddings on Instagram!


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