Boda Religiosa - Cañon de Namurachi, México | Jackie & Aldo

When Jackie asked me to do to the honor of documenting one of the most important days of her life for her, I was both thrilled and flattered.

Since meeting the fellow wedding photographer in Photo Club at California State University Fullerton back in 2009, we've watched each others passions and talents grow while doing what we love. We've inspired each other in many ways; including picking up and moving on a whim to our ancestral lands of Peru and Mexico.

Jackie and I are kindred free-spirits, so even before meeting her love, Aldo, I knew that he would be someone very special to have won her heart -- I was not let down.

Aldo has one of those wholesome smiles that make you wanna hug him immediately. You can tell he's a genuinely good person right off the bat and after getting to know him, you tend to like him more and more cause he's just a big kid at heart.

Their harmonious love is palpable and I couldn't contain the tears during their First Look before the ceremony -- which was held in one of the most Awesome locations to be wed!  They tied the knot among close family and friends in Cañon de Namurachi in Chihuahua, Mexico on a hot summer day in June. It was extremely beautiful, unique and heartfelt --it suited them perfectly.

Dearest Jackie & Aldo, I thank you more than words can say for choosing me to be with you during this pivotal moment in your lives and to celebrate the beautiful connection that brought you to the altar in that canyon. I'm so excited to see what the future holds and to catch up with you again in Mexico or California in the near future.  I hope these photos will serve to always remind you of that magical day. Thanks for making me feel like a part of the family. Los quiero muchísimo. Con mucho cariño, B.

We spent the night at this charming little hotel right near the canyon, two hours outside of Chihuahua,  in San Francisco de Borja to be nearby and because Jackie knew it would be fabulous for pictures of preparation before the big show.

I loved the wildflower bouquet her talented mother created for her. It was spot on for Jackie.

The First Look... such a tear jerker!

Just a block away from the hotel was the sweetest lil' plaza with an old church. Seemed like it was made just for our session that day.

Walking into the canyon, we were asked by several passersby if the bride and groom were going to parachute down into the ceremony. Aldo responded by telling them that their priest is a jokester and that he wasn't the least bit surprised. Although, the groom carrying my camera backpack for me probably didn't help to silence the rumor.

Such an incredible place to be married in God's presence with the blessings of loved ones.

Their after-ceremony session might just be my favorite scenery for a shoot yet.

Thanks to Jackie & Aldo's families and friends who were incredibly kind towards me during my visit. It was a blast shooting my first Mexican wedding -- hopefully it won't be my last! ;)


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