Lunahuaná, Peru Wedding Photographer | Adrienne & Jean Paul

They met at a mutual friend's party in Lima one summer night and hit it off instantly.

their second date, he made a romantic dinner and by the end of the night he revealed to her that he saw her as a wild horse, full of spirit.

They fell in love immediately.

"My favorite thing about him is that he is genuine with everyone he engages with, no matter who they are.
He has a great sense of humor and moves through life with optimism."

Jean Paul loves how sensitive she is (she has a good cry about once a day), her kindness toward others, and intelligence.

Aside from being able to spend your days with your best friend, another wonderful aspect of marriage is sharing one's own cultural background and customs with our partner.

I've had a good streak of working with international couples and it's always such a unique and enriching experience.

Adrienne & Jean Paul manifested the joining of their two worlds (U.S. and Peru) in a beautiful & symbolic way:

They were wed in both countries near rivers that each held a special meaning for them. Legally by her aunt in Portland, Oregon, and spiritually in Lunahuaná - Lima, Perú by his. 

These are some of my favorite photos from their welcome dinner evening and wedding day in Peru, where I had the pleasure of watching these two incredible families, along with friends and loved ones, come together in the enchanting river town of Lunahuaná.

Adri & JP - You know you are both very special to me in ways that cannot be expressed with words. I am so grateful for the connection we share and for being able to capture moments like these for you and your families. I'm so excited to see how we all continue to evolve over the years!
Best of luck, love & light to you both. xoxo - B

Friday ____


The three of us went down to the riverbank so they could read their letters of well wishes from guests before placing them back in a clay pot and sending it off into the river; sending all their intention and loving energy along with them.

And then it was time to get back to the party...

Photography by Brenda Bravo // Bravo Image
PERU 968 944 967 // USA 951 380 1190


  1. Oh my goodness- absolutely breathtaking! Stunning venue and what vibrant colors! You are amazing behind the lens, B!


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