Kate & Paul | Vizcaya Gardens, Miami Elopement

Kate & Paul wanted one thing on their wedding day: each other. Okay, well maybe two things... they wanted some awesome photos, too.

"Working with Brenda felt so natural... it just felt right," Kate said after the shoot. They both agreed it was a lot easier than they expected.

What I love most about photographing nervous couples is their ease after a few minutes of getting to know how I work behind the camera and interact with them. They realize it's not about putting on a show, as much as it is just enjoying each other and letting themselves be present to each other - while I figure out the perfect lighting and scenarios to place them in.

All you should have to do on your wedding day is LIVE it. And that's exactly what they did.

Check out some favorites from our session at the wonderful
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida earlier this month:


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