Impromptu couple’s session in LA

How much preparation do you need for a couple’s photoshoot? Honestly? Sometimes, none at all!

The perfect example is this impromptu session I did with my friends, Carla and Margot. 

Last February,  just a couple of weeks before the pandemic started, I visited family in LA. The afternoon we were out, I had no plans to shoot but I had my camera with me out of habit. 

Not wanting to waste the gorgeous weather and the always-inspiring view of Venice Beach, I asked them to pose for me. And with absolutely zero prep, the photos came out stunning! Sometimes, all you need for a couple’s photoshoot is good lighting and a lot of love. 

Here are my favorite shots from the day:

UPDATE 10/23/2022:

I guess Carla and Margot loved their photos too because they used one of them on their wedding website!

To the couples out there -- you don’t always have to wait for your engagement announcement or Save The Date to have a proper couple’s photo session. Sometimes, a good reason to do it is just that you want to! 

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