Friendly Hills Country Club Wedding | David & Gianela

Once in while you come across an old married couple, so adorably in love, that even the most jaded soul might turn to mush and hope to find someone special that they too can share the rest of their days with. Gianela & David will definitely be one of those wrinkly, lovable pairs.

After 10 years of marriage (yep, they married young), they're still completely googly-eyed with one another and it's an inspiring sight to see for newlywed couples (like myself) who wonder how long loving passion really can last.

Since they never had the big ceremony they'd always hoped for (& deserved), for their 10th year anniversary, they finally took the opportunity to live out their dream while renewing their vow and commitment to a lifetime of love and partnership.  I was happy to be the one to document and celebrate their beautiful romance; one I witnessed grow over many years.

You see, Gianela is my cousin and David is the son of my Godfather, so we've basically all known each other since diaper days.  Gianela is incredibly warm-hearted, a riot to hang out with and one of my favorite shopping buddies. I couldn't be happier that she ended up with one of the funniest and sweetest guys I've ever met; he treats her like the Queen she is and knows just how to spoil her with the love she deserves.

David & Gianela, 
It was such a tremendous honor to be able to capture this important day for you two. I'll never forget how the tears came streaming down the moment I saw G walk down the aisle looking absolutely stunning in that dress and then looking around at everyone else sobbing like babies with me. This ceremony meant so much to all of us because we know it's what you two have always wanted; what your love has always merited -- the proper celebration for a love bigger than life that proves love at first sight does exist.

I love you both with all my heart and I hope you enjoy this photo story of your day... Con mucho cariño, B

Gianela spared no detail when it came to her day. From the jewel-studded shoes to the fabulous dress, the silk kimono-inspired bathrobes for each bridesmaid and her photographer :-), to the name-shaped hangers she had custom-made; I was definitely impressed.

My sister is a talented makeup artist; she did my makeup for my day as well. You can see a Q & A blog post from her on Skincare tips before the big day HERE.

The handsome groom prepares for his beloved... 

I love hangin with the groomsmen before the ceremony. They're always so relaxed (with the help of shots usually) and playful.

A hotel room for you and your BFFs means a pillow fight is definitely in order.

Arriving at Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier, California on that beautiful, serene afternoon.

The First Look...

Even after 10 years, their marriage still feels brand new. 

Then it was showtime...

David's grandmother Amalia suffers from alzheimer's disease but it was evident that she was present during their ceremony, in body and spirit, and we were all so grateful for that.

I've never seen her look more beautiful.

D & G are huge Metallica fans, so it was fitting that their Sand Ceremony have an instrumental track by their fave group as background music.

After a quick session around the club, it was time to get to the festivities... 

The coolest cake topper ever with some insight into David's passion for cars.

 Their First Dance was to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together", naturally.

The awesome speeches...

Literally, a knee-slapper.

And to end, I jumped in for a pic with the gang. My family rocks! Can a relative get married every year, please? :)


  1. Just by viewing these beautiful pictures I re-live everything all over again... and I get teary eyed...
    Thank you Brendita linda for keeping these amazing moments alive. God Bless you and my David and Gianela as well <3


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