My First Bridal Expo Experience

In case you've wondered at all why you haven't heard/seen me around the social networks much lately, it's because I've been running around Lima like a mad woman for the past few weeks in preparation for my first bridal expo.

I'll admit, the idea of exhibiting at this type of event was never something I really was intent on doing. The idea kind of repelled me every time I would seriously consider it, just because of all the craziness and lack of intimacy.

I typically prefer quality one-on-one time with my clients in order to get to really know them and see what type of service best suits their needs for such an important and delicate topic as their wedding photos.

BUT when I received a call from Portal Novia inviting me to come be a part of their exclusive expo event, Brilla, I took a virtual tour of where it would be held and thought to myself: Now THIS is the type of environment I can see myself setting up shop in for a day. I mean, LOOK AT THIS AMAZING CASONA:


When I was looking at the booth spots available, I kept coming back to this corner, Table 27 (here it is pictured with a vendor from the previous year). I loved the window light coming in and the huge blank wall space to work with.

So many ideas came racing to my head about the look and feel, the experience, I wanted to create when clients visited my corner.

Of course, I went Pinterest crazy. And of course - I came across some really great ideas. With the help of my husband and awesome in-laws, we used our crafty skills to put together a stand that really portrayed exactly what I wanted it to: A cozy space with a rustic feel that you want to hang out and spend time in.

Friends and family members lent and gifted me many of the bits and pieces that came together to create a space that was even better than I had dreamed of. I was in love!

The fun part was vintage flea market shopping during the weeks leading up to the event. I came across this huge frame with a rather ugly metallic finish and had it painted with this beautiful vintage wash.

I also found the gorgeous handmade folding screen (hand-made in the sierra of Peru) to the right of the frame and it looks lovely in my home now. double-score!

Mamachas provided the pastel-colored plants to decorate the stand with some much needed greenery. I added some wildflowers to vases and it was just the right amount of natural beauty aesthetic for the space.

I displayed an enlargement of the interview article that was featured in the bridal magazine Fiestas by Somos/ El Comercio, along with a picture of me on my own wedding day to relate to these brides-to-be.

Photos of church provided by my awesome second shooter, Janice Smith-Palliser

I was finally able to show off the quality of our wedding albums made by Miller's Lab in the U.S. The quality of the archival paper is guaranteed to last 100 YEARS in regular storage and 200 years in dark storage. Holy cow! That means your grandchildren's children will be able to enjoy your beautiful photos. That's definitely a value worth importing to my clients in Peru.

After weeks of preparation, sleepless nights and endless to-do lists - the day came and went and it was absolutely amazing.

We were busy non-stop until about 6 hours into the expo.

My success in executing this so beautifully was due largely in part to my fabulous husband and in-laws. They stuck with me from beginning to end to help haul everything there and back and to set up.
It really was a group effort and I couldn't have asked for a better team by my side.

Lucky gal, I am.

Here's a little video from a past event so you can see how exhibitors usually have their displays set up and how much mine differed from the competition! :)


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