Miami Surprise Proposal Photographer | Chase Love

Valentine's Day again! What a wonderful occasion to share love stories... such as this eye-watering-ly sweet Suprise Proposal that happened one sunny afternoon in Miami. 🤗

I was asked to show up to Alice Wainright Park in Coconut Grove under the guise of a photojournalist for a magazine that happened to be taking lifestyle photos of real people enjoying the park.

I brought along a good friend of mine, Luis, to help record the moment on his phone while I took the key shots with my camera; and what we captured was truly wonderful - she was caught totally off guard, as you'll see....

Walking up to their seemingly casual afternoon at the park... 

Chase strategically placed the ring in the spring clip of their dog Sully's collar while his soon-to-be-fiancée was distracted. 

It took a bit of coaxing to get her to look at the clip and see the ring, so I intervened and helped point it out in a subtle way, Here's the video clip that my friend took:

And here are the photos made from this amazing moment that made all of us ugly cry with joy.


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