Florida Wedding Photographer | Bushra & Shayan’s Muslim Wedding

Among the perks of being an international wedding photographer is getting to witness how different religions and cultures unite couples in marriage. Just this past November, I got to do two beautiful and unique Islamic weddings almost back to back!

On November 26th, I was hired to shoot the wedding portraits of Bushra and Shayan. Although I didn’t capture the wedding ceremony itself, -- my trusty associate photographer took over while I had to rush off to the second big event -- the moments before it and getting to meet their families allowed me a peek into the wonderful customs and garments.

The wedding took place at the Islamic Center of Greater Miami which stood majestic in the afternoon sun. Surrounding the mosque is a beautiful courtyard and garden with palm trees -- the perfect backdrop for the deeply rich and colorful garb of everyone for the big day.

Just before doing the “first look”, the couple exchanged letters which they then read with a wall in between them. 

The moment was incredibly touching and set the mood for the rest of the shoot.

Here are some of my favorites from the day:


I also love this romantic little detail under Bushra’s shoes. 

Thanks again Bushra and Shayan for making me a part of your big day!


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